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A truly managed WordPress experience, unlike any other.

When we say “managed WordPress”, we truly mean managed. Our support doesn’t end at simply updating your plugins.

Think of us as your operations and development teams rolled into one – you handle the content of your website, while we handle the rest.

We regularly audit your website’s code, searching for malware, vulnerabilities and speed improvements. And then, we go ahead and make those changes for you – no need to hire a third-party developer.

Our self-healing architecture, combined with our minute-by-minute monitoring, ensures that your website is always available for your customers.

Your dedicated Solutions Manager will become part of your team – advising you on best practises for your website and helping you achieve your strategic targets.

Fully Managed Web Presence

We take care of everything. Everything.

We provide a fully managed service, taking care of everything related to your website and emails. When you need something sorted, just give us a call!


Peace of Mind

Our job is to handle your site.

Let us worry about hackers, viruses, slow load times, search engine optimisations, updating plugins, keeping backups and securing the server. You focus on running your business.

Proactive Speed Management

We use a variety of technology and techniques to serve your pages at blisteringly fast speeds. From using the best hardware available, to using content delivery networks to get your website closer to your customers – we have thought of it all.

And unlike any other hosting provider, our engineers will actually edit your theme and plugins to make them work faster – without affecting your website’s functionality at all.

Proactive Security Management

We manage the security of your site at every level – from the domain to server and application levels – applying a Zero-Trust Model; we trust no one.

We don’t wait for your site to be hacked before doing something about it.

We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities in your website’s code, and monitor the web for emerging threats.

The full list of our

Service Features

Personal Onboarding

Once you sign up, one of our WordPress experts will be in touch and guide you through the next steps. Usually, it's just a case of you giving us access to your current provider, and we will handle everything else.

Effortless Migrations

We manually manage each and every migration, no outsourcing or automation, leaving no room for error. And best of all, this is all handled by our experts - you don't have to lift a finger!

Support that Cares

Taking care of your digital presence is our number one priority. Our experts deal with anything and everything related to your website and emails.

Uptime Monitoring

Our automated infrastructure monitors your website 720 times a day - that's once every minute.

Uptime SLA

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime on all packages, with 99.95% and 99.99% guarantees for mission-critical websites. All backed with a simple refund policy.

Up to 10x Uptime Refunds

We pride ourselves in making sure your website is serving visitors. But when it doesn't, for every hour that your service is down for, we will refund up to 10x what you paid us for that hour.

Premium Services Included

Depending on your plan, we include free access to paid services from trusted third parties, designed to make your website faster and safer. That's Jetpack Premium, Cloudflare Railgun and Mailgun included for free.

Premium Plugin Licenses

Depending on your plan, we include the annual paid licences of many premium plugins we recommend, worth up to £2,000 per year.

Unlimited Video CDN

Videos are a resource hog. How about unlimited storage and bandwidth for your videos? And combine it with a global content delivery network? Well, we've got that included for free on our high traffic plans!

Managed ElasticSearch

On high traffic plans, we use Elasticsearch to run most of the queries on your site - leading to upwards of 40% performance gains.

Extensive Developer Support

If you have a development team in-house, our engineers can supplement them with code reviews and debugging help.

Self Healing Architecture

Our self-healing technology monitors your website regularly and auto-fixes common bugs that might cause temporary downtime. For everything else, engineers are alerted instantly.

Backups as Standard

Daily, geo-redundant, encrypted backups are included as standard with all our plans, with long retention periods. We can even configure hourly backups for mission-critical sites.

No Fuss Money Back

We are confident that you will fall in love with our platform and service. But in case you don't, get a full refund within 14 days, with no upsells or convoluted attempts to block you.

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