Performance Features

Blisteringly fast speeds, fully managed by SonicWP

During onboarding, we perform an extensive performance and security audit of your website, identifying all aspects of your website’s performance that can be improved.

With our fully managed service, we then set about implementing through recommendations. We set up an extensive, multi-layered caching infrastructure for your site, meaning most of your traffic will be served from caches – at blistering speeds, without affecting your hosting resources. And when needed, your hosting resources will scale automatically to handle all uncached requests.

We even replace plugins used on your website, or where needed, custom code functionality to speed up your website.

Proactive Speed Management

When migrating to us, we identify and rectify all aspects of your website that might be slowing you down.

That’s everything from updating plugins, replacing plugins, custom coding simple solutions and even resizing your images correctly.

In addition to this, we keep an eye on your website’s performance on a regular basis, continuously trying to get the fastest speed out of it.

Built for Speed

Our platform is built for hyperfast, high-traffic websites, and can handle sudden traffic surges with ease.

We use a variety of technology and techniques to serve your pages at blisteringly fast speeds – from NVMe Drives, PHP OPcache, Redis object caching, full-page in-RAM caching, HTTP/2 Push and use of Cloudflare Railgun to the extensive use of caching at CDN edges.

Next-Gen Technology

Our software stack – both on our servers and at our CDN partners – use the latest technology to help deliver the best speed for your website.

Our entire infrastructure is enabled for HTTP/2, Brotli compression, and makes extensive use of Nginx and Litespeed’s innovative technologies.

Speed Obsessed Infastructure

And it’s not just the software. We only use hyperfast NVMe hard drives on all our servers. This compares to traditional hard drives, which are about 25x slower, used by most hosting companies.

All our servers have gigabit connections to the internet, and have high levels of RAM, allowing us to cache almost everything for near-instant retrieval.

Extra Speed for High-Traffic Websites

All our plans for high traffic websites include mammoth levels of server bandwidth and unlimited CDN bandwidth.

And on our high traffic plans – we setup and manage ElasticSearch instances for you, as well as provide you with unlimited Video CDN, included at no extra cost.

The full list of our

Performance Features

Proactive Speed Management

Initial and regular updates to the coding of your website to improve its performance.

NVMe Drives

NVMe drives, which are are 25x faster than normal hard drives, are standard on all our servers.

Nginx Proxy

Your site is served via a super-fast Nginx proxy on every server, giving faster performance than usual hosting accounts.

Litespeed LSAPI

Faster PHP processing times utilising Litespeed's optimised PHP Server API.

PHP OpCache

As standard, we enable PHP OpCache to improve your code's response times.

CRIU Images

Advanced functionality that takes snapshots of your PHP processes, allowing them to be spawned extremely fast.

Redis Cache

Use either Redis as an object cache or a full-page cache for extremely fast speeds.

Free Static Content CDN

Unmetered global CDN bandwidth via Cloudflare.

Unlimited Video CDN

Free unlimited video storage and delivery via Jetpack, included without costs on our high traffic plans.

Managed Page Rules

We setup and manage custom page rules at the CDN to deliver the best speeds for your website.

Cloudflare Railgun

Utilising dedicated, fast connections between the CDN and our servers, your page loads extremely fast.

PHP 5.5 to 7.4

Blistering fast speeds, no matter the PHP version you wish to run.

Tuned MySQL Performance

Finely tuned MySQL processes on every server, designed to give your website the best response times.

Managed ElasticSearch

On high traffic plans, we use Elasticsearch to run most of the queries on your site - leading to upwards of 40% performance gains.

Optional Load Balancing

On high traffic plans, in addition to our shared Load Balancing, we offer dedicated load balancing infrastructure just for you.

WordPress Core Optimisation

Some of WordPress' default functionality, which you don't use, is most likely slowing you down. We'll go in and remove them for you.

Plugin Patching

Manual patching of plugins used on your website to improve their performance.

Plugin Replacement

Have a slow or buggy plugin? We can the replace plugin for you - with either faster plugins or custom code.

Spam Prevention

Advanced integrations to stop spam from clogging up your database and slowing down your site.

Brotli Compression

Next-generation lossless image compression algorithm, used as standard to speed up image loading times.


Utilise the next generation of the HTTP protocol, to get the fastest data transfer speeds.

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