Security Features

Fully managed, 360-degree, pro-active digital security for your website.

We manage the security of your sites at every level – from the domain to server and application levels.

There’s nothing left for you to secure!

Unlike other managed WordPress providers, this is not just an automated process. We tailor our security approach to your exact needs.

In the unlikely event of a breach, we guarantee that we’ll fix it for you with immediate priority. Our engineers have years of experience dealing with all sorts of WordPress issues and will restore your site to perfect working condition.

Zero Trust Security Model

When it comes to keeping your site secure, we trust no one.

All themes, plugins and files added to your site will be scanned for malware or vulnerabilities, and we will remedy any issues that crop up.

Proactive Security

We don’t wait for your site to be hacked before doing something about it.

We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities in your website’s code, and monitor the web for emerging threats.

Advanced Intrusion Prevention

We have extensive server & network-level measures to stop malicious attacks in their tracks, without any cumbersome plugins.

Extensive Backups and Retentions

Daily backups, securely stored on multiple servers in 2 different countries, for up to 30 days – that’s just standard!

The full list of our

Security Features

WordPress Core Updates

Managed updates for all minor and major WordPress releases, with manual checks to ensure nothing breaks.

WordPress Core Hardening

Removing frivolous features and locking down all possible attacked vectors.

User Access Hardening

Removing unused or infrequently used functions to ensure admin users on your site can't accidentally cause site-wide damage.

Active Spam Prevention

Advanced integrations to cut down on unsightly and annoying spam from clogging up your site.

Plugin Scanning

Daily scanning of all used plugins, looking out for disclosed vulnerabilities.

Plugin Updates

Automatic update for all your plugins, including many premium plugins - without added costs.

Plugin Patching

Manual patching of discovered plugin vulnerabilities, where no other options exist.

Plugin Replacement

We replace plugins that either have known issues or simply need not exist, reducing the attack vectors.

SSL Certificate

All accounts, no matter the plan, get a free SSL certificate as standard. No ifs or buts.

sFTP Access

Secure FTP access as standard on all accounts.

SSH Keys

Use key-based, password-less access for SSH and sFTP.

Secured Shell

Get full shell access to your account, including access to your entire filesystem.

Isolated Containers

Each website is hosted in isolated containers, completely independent of one another.

Hardened PHP

No matter which PHP version you are running, all standard PHP functions are hardened to reduce the damage bad scripts can do.

Tuned WAF

Intelligent web application firewall rules proactively monitor for hacking patterns and blocks offenders automatically.

Herd Blocking

The WAF and other security blocks work in conjunction with multiple servers. A malicious actor spotted on one website is instantly blocked for everyone else.

Brute Force Blocks

All WordPress login interfaces, from the login page to API access, is monitored to block password guessing attacks.

Intrusion Probing Blocks

We have extensive server & network-level measures to stop malicious attacks in their tracks, without any cumbersome plugins.

DDOS Protection

Unmetered mitigation of DDOS attacks against your website, both at the CDN and Server-Levels.

Malware Detection

Daily scans of your account to detect malware, that might have been uploaded by a malicious actor or by one of your users by mistake.

Ransomware Protection

In addition to the backups mentioned publicly, we have additional longer-term backups to guard against Ransomware extortions.

Daily Backups

Daily snapshot backups of your website as standard, with a minimum 14 day retention.

Geo-Redundant Backups

Backups are kept at least 2 different EU countries at any given time, protected against any war or calamity that might befall a country!

1:1 RAID

Every bit of data that you upload on your website is replicated instantly on another hard drive - to guard against the unlikely case of a hard drive failure.

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